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If you are looking for a local tourist office specialized in safari trips, go to   Africa Travel Waves
I am highly satisfied with their service.

Edwina – owner of the  office – used her angel's patience to respond all my detailed questions. I've googled several tourist agencies in Nairobi, but none of them except Edwina responded my questions on the expected level. I could feel that she was really reading my emails and she wanted to do all her best to provide the best solution. Edwina's flexibility in creating an offer, calculating costs and accepting the payment procedure should be emphasized as well.

Tom – no shadow of doubt one of the most experienced guide-drivers in Kenya. I highly appreciate the way of communication with him - really we didn't need to use words in order to know where to stop, how to place the car and when to go. Tom posses an unique experience or the photographer's eye helping him to understand my needs. This skill combined with 15-years experience in the safari trips makes him the precious guide whom you could not overestimate.  If you add his sense of humor and patience you will find somebody with whom you would like to spend the safari trip in Kenya.
If you are looking for a guide-driver who will understand your photographer's needs, ask for Tom. You will never regret your choice.

Sylvester – this quiet, modest guy is a guarantee of perfect food for the safari trip. The quality of his meals is incomparable with the ones served in a local restaurants. I will miss his pancakes for next years ;). Thank you Sylvester!

All those persons speak fluently English. They gained my sympathy and trust. Thanks to them my time spent in Kenya was full of moments I will remember for a long time.

Thank you again guys!